Posted by: tgonzales | September 18, 2010

A Couple of Hats that Joshua Crocheted


Here’s one of the hats that Joshua decided to make out of the left over yarn from my Hex-On Shrug. He got the pattern from Lisa Gentry’s Crocheted Slouchy Beanie Book. I think he did a great job and he wrote to me the other day and asked if I could maybe send him a more manly color of this Noro so that he could make his guy friend a hat out of it. Of course you know I’m a sucker for crochet and my son. So I’ll probably be shopping for the manly yarn this weekend. Ha! Ha!


Just before Joshua left for his new home in New York he wanted to make his friend Valerie a hat. I’m not sure if Valerie picked out the hat or Joshua, but it’s also from Lisa Gentry’s Crocheted Beanie book and I think it really looks good on Valerie. What do you think? He’s getting so good at reading patterns and adapting them to whomever he’s making the item for. I’m very proud of him as you probably already know by now. And like he told me when I taught him to crochet in January, “he’s a natural”. Who would’ve known?


  1. That hat sure DOES look great on Valerie — love the brim (edging). Joshua definitely IS a natural, like his wonderful momma. I’m glad he wants some manly colors to crochet a hat for his guy friend. Send him enough that he can make one for himself too — and gift a gal with the hat he’s modeling here. LOL!

    • Kat,

      Actually he was just helping me out with a picture. He would like to be able to sell the hat that he’s modeling.:)


  2. He does such great work, I think he really inherited your talent. We never get tired of hearing about Joshua, when you share a little of your life I feel like I am being honored and invited into your world. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we LOVE to see what he’s doing and to hear all about him. I guess I’m just nosey that way =) Seriously though, I do feel llike every little story you tell lets me get to know you better. So keep them coming ’cause I’m enjoying reading them.

    • Molly,

      I”m so glad that you like my little stories. And I love hearing all about all of your lives too. Thanks for reading and I plan on keeping the stories coming:) Have a great weekend.

  3. That is a teeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbbbbbbbbllllllllleeeeee picture of the colorful hat. But I was proud of it. I ended up giving it to Jessica and she’s been wearing it around the city! I actually got that pattern from, um, the book you got your hex-dealydoo out of, I think.

  4. Joshua,

    Thanks for reminding me about where you got the hat pattern from. The book was Crochet Wear. Dang boy I thought you would be able to sell that hat and make some money off of it!

    • My friends were actually telling me last night that I should go out and sell my hats! Maybe I can get a few sales off of people I know. Or become one of those street vendors all over the city.

  5. Yes you should sell your hats, if you want to.

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