Posted by: tgonzales | September 15, 2010

Sunday Evening at My Mom and Daddy’s

My Mom still amazes me at 79 years of age she still loves to cook for her family. Well Sunday was no different, she invited my husband and I to her house to have dinner around 5:00 pm. She told me that my sister, Jackie would also be there. Of course I love my Mom’s cooking and decided to go. I was very surprised when I got there that all 3 of Jackie’s children were there plus her granddaughter Ava and our dear friend Jean.


We had a wonderful meal of roast, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, and fried cabbage. Since my Mom doesn’t have a dishwasher the thing that you do after you eat is start clearing away the dishes and fill the sink full of nice hot soapy dishwater, then 2 or 3 people line up at the sink. One washes, one rinses, and one dries. (Oops I guess the rinser was taking pictures instead, so the washing and drying went slower).


Here’s Mom drying a plate and coming out to visit with her guests. After the dishes were done we headed out to sit on the patio and feel the breezes of the country. I never get tired of feeling the country breezes at Mom and Daddy’s house, as I live in the city and the breezes are blocked by houses.

This is my nephew Jared, Jackie’s son and he loves to restore things. He has taken a shell of a car and made it into a beautiful hot rod. For a long time now Jared has been working on this car and he tells me that he’s still in the process of finishing it. But that didn’t stop his sister Emilee from asking him for a ride.


I have always loved to ride or drive fast cars. I think it stems from when I was growing up and my Dad needing to entertain 5 children and him always having something built for us to ride or drive in. So as soon as I could reach the ground my brothers taught me to drive a motorcycle and ever since then I have loved to feel the wind in my hair and go fast! So it wasn’t unusual for me to ask Jared for a ride too. So I fell in and off we went.


Before we could get back Ava decided she wanted to ride….


So Jackie got in and Jared took her down the driveway and back.


Then Angie wanted a ride and Jared took her for a ride. I’m not sure if Jared realized that all of us were going to want to ride in his car, but he was very gracious and didn’t complain.


What a great ending to a Sunday, after a wonderful meal cooked by Mom and spending time with family and a good friend. Tell me about your Sunday.


  1. well wasn’t that just cheesy goodness? reading about the meal you had gave me a slight stomach pang. i’m glad you let this blog be about your life outside of crocheting so that people can relate to you even more.

    • Joshua,

      I love you more every day. Thanks for commenting.

  2. This must have been a family week, because Jays brother from Texas drove up here and we had a very nice 4 day visit. It’s funny because the one thing he requested to eat was sausage and cabbage. I guess once you’ve had cabbage you want it even more. Jay and Mark had a great Patriot Guard venture, they were involved in the ceremony to respectfully burn the torn and tattered American Flags at the American Legion. About 3 times a year they have a very touching ceremony to take care of the flags, people from everywhere around Rapid City send their flags to the Legion. So we had a great visit and did some telling of stories of when we were all kids, it was a great time of remembering our youth…..and glad tht we grew out of some of it. =) Have a great day my friend

    • Molly,

      Thank you for sharing. It’s always fun to hear what everyone else is doing too. Hugs!

  3. Oh my! What a FUN post of your FUN family day!! I want to reach into my computer screen & touch ‘n cuddle Ava. Little girls are sooooo precious.

    Y’all are quite blest, as you well know, that your Mom is doing so well AND loves to cook. Sorry Joshua had to miss that meal. I know you’d send some off in a Care pkg if you could. 😉

    The hot rod is fantastic!! I am not one for speed but I sure got a kick out of reading about your liking it, from a young kid to a older kid now. ha! I sure got to laughing the longer I read … another rider, & another and …. LOL! So nice that Jared loved showing off his hot rod in action! 🙂

    Love the final shot. tee-hee! But hey – how come no front shots of those beautiful canines? Such a big Weimaraner! Is the other one a German Shorthair? My sis-in-law has a cpl of those and does agility with them.

    Thanks for the FUN reading, Tamara. HUGS!!

    • Kat,

      I love hearing your comments, you make me laugh too. There is only one dog in the picture I think the other thing is a big rock that has been placed at the curve of the driveway.:) Hugs!!!!

  4. Family is really what life is all about! Thanks for sharing your with us all!

    • Susie,

      Amen, sister and you’re welcome!!!!

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