Posted by: tgonzales | August 31, 2010

My Doll Mrs. Beasley But I Just Call Her Molly

About a month ago I was attempting to make a little girls skirt and top out of some yarn that wasn’t the same weight that the pattern called for. Needless to say I was not able to make gauge and I became uninterested in making it. But I did want to make this doll:

I had some sock yarns in my stash and decided to use a couple of pieces of them to make my doll. The doll was very easy to make and didn’t take very long at all. I decided to use some recycled materials for my doll. For instance I stuffed a leftover white sock of Joshua’s (you know the one that doesn’t have a hole in it and you already threw the other one away that did have a hole?) Well it worked perfect for the head as the yarn that I used for her face, arms, and legs was light and I knew the sock wouldn’t poke out through the crochet holes. Then it came time to stuff her body and I decided to use the bottom of a t-shirt dress that I cut off to make me a top, along with some yarn ends that I had collected. All of this worked very well, but her neck seemed to flop. I just so happened to be throwing away one of my worn out bras and wondered if there was something in that bra that I could recycle.

Duh, the underwire would work perfect to stuff inside my doll to stabilize the neck. Of course the underwire was too long and I didn’t have time to find some wire cutters so I left the doll with the underwire sticking out of the front of the doll on the dining room table. I knew my husband would call me and ask me what I was trying to do, so I didn’t leave a note. Sure enough he called and said, “Tamara what are trying to do to this doll? Are you practicing voodoo?” I had to laugh because I hadn’t even thought of that and I laughed and told him that I needed him to cut off the access wire sticking out of the doll and so he did.

I love the Lucinda Guy “Crochet Designs for Kids” book and can’t wait to make some more of the things that are in the book.

Maybe the elephant will be next and I’m not sure what I’ll use in the way of recycled materials but I’ll make sure I let you know.

Here’s my version of Lucinda Guy’s doll and I named my doll Mrs. Beasley but I just call her Molly for short.


  1. Oh Tamara that is just too cute! I bet your hubby did wonder what you were up to this time. She’s such a cute doll. I do believe I’m gonna have to look that book up and try out a few patterns. I do enjoy making amigurumi. It’s great to get to keep up with you on your own blog. You go girlfriend!

    Hugs XX

  2. Thanks everyone. I love hearing from all of you and I keep up with all of your blogs even though I may not always comment. I love all of it from the gourd art, crochet, quilting, sewing, etc.

  3. I’m glad to find your new blog! I love to see what you are doing – your crochet work is amazing!

  4. Hi Tamara! LOVE how you doll came out, and so glad to see you have a blog up and running. I’ve been a bit negligent with both my blogs lately, as I try to savor every last bit of Summer we have left here in the “Great Northeast”. I am still crocheting in some of my spare time though, mostly nights while watching t.v., working on a shawl right now! I THINK it’s coming out nice so far… At least I HOPE so!… Anyways, can’t wait to visit again, and hope you’re enjoying a wonderful week! ~tina

  5. Good Morning Tammy, and thanks for the invite to view your new blog. It looks great! All I’ve managed to finish lately was a new shawl that I made for my sister while in FL. The pattern was called Juliette Shawl from the “Creating Crochet Fabric” by Dora Ohrenstein.” Not sure if the book is available locally yet because I bought it in FL. It has a lot of really neat patterns. I bought the Lucinda Guy’s book some time ago and have lost it in the shuffle. You have inspired me to find it and check out some of those patterns again. I love your Mrs. Beasley. I think I bought that book for that pattern. Looking forward to our retreat!


  6. SO glad U R back, Tamara! Your doll is adorable — great use of ‘leftovers’. Funny comment from your hubby regarding that wire sticking out of Mrs. Beasley. tee-hee! I think your elephant ought to be pink. Decades ago when I painted ceramics, I made a pink elephant. It was cute! Again, welcome back — you were missed! Hugs!!

  7. I have that book too and I just love it. Your doll is cool and the colors are so neat-o! I made several motifs from that book for a jean quilt for a grandson. So glad to see you blogging as I miss you so.

  8. I love your doll, I make them all the time and never have 2 that even turn out near the same. I love the name of her, Mrs. Beasley, and yes I remember the show where that name came from. But I must admit the other name sounds very familiar. Nice to have you here girl, we have all missed you. Hugs, Molly =)

  9. I love the new blog! And Miss Molly sure is cute.

  10. She’s adorable 🙂

    • Thank you Maria. I’m glad you stopped by to check her out.

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